ROLL OUT: 21/03/2021


Welcome to Nimbl! Yes, the change over is complete! What is Nimbl you ask?

eParcel Store has changed to Nimbl eCommerce. Why is this change to Nimbl eCommerce necessary? Well, let’s have a look.


eParcel Store started a couple of years ago to assist eParcel Courier clients to move their businesses onto the web to help generate more sales. It was a natural progression for eParcel as we already offered eCommerce courier services and felt that extending the offering to a web platform for our clients would be beneficial. What started off as an internal project for our developers, bloomed into a fully-fledged offering.

Of course, as we all know, about a year ago the coronavirus had a massive impact on all of us. To sell goods online became a reality for most businesses, and naturally, the eCommerce industry went through a massive growth spurt. eParcel Store was at the forefront of this to help our current clients move online, but also help new clients start a website from scratch. This created a massive influx of new clients to eParcel Store.

About 5 months ago the management team of eParcel had to make a decision. eParcel Store, which was originally designed as an extension to the courier services offered, was becoming a fully-fledged beast that needed its own breathing room to grow and develop.

Clients were also getting confused about what our service offering exactly was. ‘Is eParcel a Courier?’; ‘Is eparcel a Website builder?’; ‘I don't want a website, but still want to courier a package, is this possible?’; ‘Must I use eParcel Courier if I make use of the Store option?’.

These are just a few of the questions we get on a daily basis.

And to this end, a decision was made to separate the two-part (courier and eCommerce) into separate but importantly, cohesive units.

Nimbl Ecommerce will take over the eCommerce Store section.

eParcel will keep being the courier you have come to trust.

Nimbl is a fully stand-alone company. But of course, Nimbl and eParcel are like family and the synergy between the two will continually grow.

What about if you want to ship a parcel through eParcel?

Of course, you can still do this. The Nimbl portal has a streamlined dispatch process.

Nimbl and eParcel are still family, so you still keep your eParcel login to ensure you can add funds to your Wallet, and all the other courier functionality that was available. There is no change there.


As Nimbl we are excited. This change opens up a lot of possibilities to grow our eCommerce Store offering and you, as the client, will reap the benefits of a company focused on growing your store.

With the change over complete now we will continue to grow Nimbl Store. We have many exciting changes that you can look forward to! Keep an eye out on the rollout emails going forward for more information. Also follow us on Facebook and YouTube to stay updated with all the latest news, helpful articles, and more!




(we will be adding more with each roll-out)

  • New Templates

  • Custom Email Templates

  • Advanced Templates

  • New Payment Integrations

  • New Courier Integreations